Combat the crisis and prepare for the rebound

Navigating uncertainty is difficult in the best of times. When global crisis hits, collaboration is essential to solve problems as they arise, one by one. Our team of business developers stands ready to help international companies with operations in Sweden mobilise the best response to the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Business Sweden has a unique government mandate to assist whatever your challenges may be in setting up, running or expanding a successful business – in every corner of Sweden and beyond.

On this page we invite you to explore a range of services provided in close collaboration with 18 regional investment promotion partners throughout Sweden.

We can support your operations in Sweden, help you overcome disruption and get back on course. We do this by:

1. Providing Information & Guidance | 2. Performing Strategic Analysis | 3. Securing Supply Chains

1. Providing Information & Guidance 
2. Performing Strategic Analysis 
3. Securing Supply Chains

1. Providing Information & guidance

Getting a bird’s eye view of local business impacts in Sweden as well as available government support for your sector will help you jumpstart the recovery process. We can provide you with:

  • Updated information on measures taken at the governmental, regional and local level to support companies as they handle the crisis
  • Overview of Sweden’s economic resilience, key strengths and talent base to underpin your long-term planning
  • Packaged insights tailored specifically to your industry sector

Government Support for Business

Don’t let the crisis get in the way of your operations in Sweden. Explore available business support from the Swedish government in this information pack, ranging from short-time work allowances and sick pay to financial assistance.

2. Performing Strategic Analysis

Sourcing the right data is critical for making informed decisions at every step when responding to Covid-19 impacts. With our support you can analyse the situation and stay ahead of the curve. How we can help:

  • Adapt your business case in lockstep with the changing situation using facts, statistics and data from Sweden
  • Reduce operational costs by mapping public programmes on a regular basis
  • Evaluate your footprint using country-based cost comparisons and analysis

Interactive tool: the Global Comparison

Sweden is known for being a global innovation leader with a highly skilled labour force, sophisticated consumers, smooth business procedures, openness to international ownership and a stable economy. Use our interactive tool to benchmark Sweden’s performance in relation to other countries.

Global Executive Brief

This consolidated brief is updated on a monthly basis with data from our 47 offices around the world and in Sweden. The brief provides you as a business leader with a global perspective on the business impacts of Covid-19 outbreak. To subscribe for monthly updates, click here.

3. Securing supply chains

Rapid response is your key defence against Covid-19 disruption. Our business developers have local expertise and can support your efforts to mitigate risk, avoid downtime and keep supply chains intact – in Sweden and abroad. We can help you:

  • Respond to changing travel restrictions and border disruption
  • Reach out to existing Swedish and international stakeholders
  • Identify new subcontractors and partners at the local level when obstacles occur

Manufacturing overview

This tool provides you with all the facts and figures related to Sweden’s world class manufacturing sector. Explore the country’s industrial innovation strengths, key statistics and geographical overview of industrial sites and clusters.

Contact Business Sweden

Need help to keep supply chains intact, develop mitigation plans or secure investments for the future?

Ylva Berg

At Business Sweden we provide international companies with advisory services including strategic and practical support. This covers market and industry insights, site location search and selection, and guidance ranging from legal regulations when registering a company to recruitment and migration law.

Ylva Berg

How Sweden Shapes the Future

Sweden offers a stable and predictable environment for investors despite the current uncertainty in global markets. The nation’s industrial strengths and focus on innovation, talent and productivity have created a highly dynamic economy and a formidable platform for international companies that want to expand their European footprint. 

Key reasons for investing and expanding in Sweden:

  • #1 EU innovation leader
  • Highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • Leading digital economy
  • Green low-cost energy supply
  • Top 10 most productive manufacturing nations

Did you know that R&D activities in Sweden are eligible for a tax deduction? That’s just one of many incentive programmes that help foreign investors tap into Sweden’s world-class innovation environment and dynamic performance.

Case: Cobra biologics expands in sweden with €20 million plant

ATMP (Advanced therapy medicinal product) specialist Cobra Biologics builds Sweden’s first 500 litre bioreactor at its Matfors facility in Sundsvall.

Podcast: The future of mobility and Sweden's rising role

The automotive industry is undergoing major changes. Co-creation between startups and tech companies is essential for autonomous mobility.

Video: Why is Sweden ranked as Europe's most innovative country?

Sweden invests 3.3% of GDP in R&D and topped the European Innovation Scoreboard in 2019 for the fifth consecutive year.

Staying focused on the future while responding to an unprecedented global health crisis is a tough balancing act. Our dedicated team is here to help you secure business continuity and address challenges large or small on a running basis – wherever your operations are located in Sweden.

CEO,  Business Sweden
Ylva Berg

"Staying focused on the future while responding to an unprecedented global health crisis is a tough balancing act. Our dedicated team is here to help you secure business continuity and address challenges large or small on a running basis – wherever your operations are located in Sweden."

- Ylva Berg,
CEO Business Sweden

Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden.

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