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Sweden is leading the global transition to sustainable solutions and is set to play a key role in Taiwan’s transformation as one of Asia’s leading suppliers of wind powered energy. Taiwan’s Government have set ambitious offshore wind installation goals, setting up significant opportunities for Swedish companies across the value chain. 

Global wind power boom peaks in Asia and Tawain

Global offshore wind power installation is set to increase sevenfold by 2030 with Asia at the heart of the boom with the largest number of installations in the region. Taiwan is a hotspot, ripe for international investment and developers. Investment from Taiwan supports the government goal to become the second biggest offshore market in Asia. Swedish companies from across the wind power value chain can grow their market share aided by Taiwan’s attractive regulatory framework, high percentage of international players and strong sustainability focus.

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Sweden leads innovation and sustainable energy


Swedish companies are global leaders across the whole renewable energy value chain with expertise in sustainability, innovation and reliability. Despite high global rankings both in percentage of total renewables and growth of renewable energy sources, Sweden has set ambitious goals for renewable energy use and output. These targets are fuelling growth across the entire sector and strengthening all market players including developers, engineers, financing and material solutions. Many Swedish companies see Taiwan and the wider Asia region as the next step in international expansion. 


The Swedish Wind Power Alliance aims to increase collaboration between the Swedish and Taiwanese wind power sectors. With a primary focus to facilitate Swedish and Taiwanese trade and investment within the offshore wind and renewable energy sector, the Alliance provides a platform for sustainable energy collaboration. 

Sweden leads the transition towards a sustainable global energy system



Ericsson enables communications service providers to capture the full value of connectivity. The company’s portfolio spans Networks, Digital Services, Managed Services, and Emerging Business and is designed to help our customers go digital, increase efficiency and find new revenue streams. Ericsson’s investments in innovation have delivered the benefits of telephony and mobile broadband to billions of people around the world. The Ericsson stock is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and on Nasdaq New York .

- End-to-end solutions for fixed network and mobile communication systems
- IP / IMS solution
- Indoor communication coverage system solution
- System integration and service
- Device interconnection test service

Dellner Brakes

Dellner Brakes is one of the world’s leading suppliers of brakes and related power transmission products for the wind energy, industrial, marine, oil and gas markets.

Precision engineered by our expert engineers, you can find our technologically advanced products, components and systems hard at work all over the world, on land and at sea.

- Powerful disc brakes, locking devices, turning devices.
- Pneumatic drum clutches, shaft couplings and rotary unions.
- Lightweight brakes and sliding bearings for wind turbines.
- Groundbreaking ‘stopping, turning, locking’ (STL) systems for propeller and machine shafts.


Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of power solutions to marine and industrial applications.

Driven by innovation, their close co-operation with customers and century-long experience, means they can supply comprehensive solutions that are made to move emotions, people, businesses and societies.

-Based on a comprehensive engine program ranging from 80 to 660 kW outputs, Volvo Penta offers drive systems and engines for propulsion, complete marine generator sets and auxiliary equipment.
- For more than 100 years, they have refined their offer to the marine market together with operators, designers, OEMs and classification societies.


SKF is a world-leading solution provider for rotating equipment performance. Our offerings range from bearings, seals and lubrication systems, as well as machine health assessment, engineering and remanufacturing services.

We offer an arena for innovation – letting our customers use the tools we provide to explore, improve or rethink the performance of their rotating equipment and genuinly fulfill the scenario of sustainable development. A place where even the smallest adjustment can make a big difference.

- Bearing & Remanufacturing Services.
- Seals / Lubrication Systems.
- Condition Monitoring Systems.
- Solutions for Rotating Equipment Performance


Joint Venture between Korean Coens Co. Ltd and Swedish Hexicon AB.

Coens is an integrated service provider to some of the world's largest oil and gas projects.

Hexicon is a developer of technology for floating wind projects.

- Local content in manufacturing, operations and maintenance for offshore wind projects through co-operation experience towards major shipyard and oil and gas companies.
- Feasibility studies for offshore wind projects.
- Presence in Asia, Australasia, Africa, Europe and North America.


Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading global supplier of polymer-based critical sealing solutions. Trelleborg’s sealing solutions are based on proven solutions and they have been providing solutions for wind turbines since the introduction of the technology.

Telleborg supplies to the majority of the wind power industry’s noted players and is overall the market leading sealing solutions supplier.

- Leading provider of seals for:
Lock Cylinder
Main bearing
Pitch cylinder
Yaw break and slewing bearings, and Accumulators
- Provision of blade bearing seals and sandwhich mounts anti-fretting pads

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, such as compressors, air treatment systems, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly solutions.

Products and services focus on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics..

GA VSD+, the most energy efficient air compressor in the market
- Energy recovery systems, the ultimate “zero-carbon” solution for compressed air systems
- Portable rental solutions, like oil-free compressed air for sound attenuating bubble curtains and standby generators.


Flowocean AB is a Swedish company with its own proprietary and innovative technology in floating offshore wind power. They are active in project development, project financing and project delivery to enhance its technical solutions for floating offshore wind power.

The technology has been tested and evaluated by global experts. Flowocean has 37 patents and applications for the FLOW solution.

- A patented design for floating offshore wind power plants that can make floating offshore wind power cost-effective.
- The innovative structure allows for a significant weight reduction compared to state of the art floating offshore wind power.
- Reliable and sustainable power generation with the key features: plug & play, soft & flexible, low weight and standardised.

Swedish success case in Taiwan offshore wind

Taiwan’s ambition to transition to a more sustainable energy supply will see over 5GWs of offshore wind capacity constructed between 2019-2025. While there is a goal of installing around 1,000 turbines along the island’s west coast, the potential harm to marine life through noise pollution is a major factor which needs to be considered. Working with sub-contractors and partners, Atlas Copco have co-created an innovative and sustainable solution to counteract the noise pollution. The solution uses portable, 100% oil-free air compressors that create a ‘bubble-curtain’ around the construction site. This solution has reduced noise pollution by up to 90%.

By applying what is already a standard approach in Europe, Taiwan is actively demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development of the wind-industry. Atlas Copco has been awarded projects to supply oil-free air for bubble curtains during phase 2 construction of the Formosa 1 project. Additionally, Atlas Copco is supplying generators on one of the installation vessels which provides temporary power during the wind turbine installation period.

We have seen rapid development of the wind-power sector in Taiwan and are happy that our oil-free air-compressors are used to protect the marine ecosystems in Taiwan. Atlas Copco, with 60 year’s presence in Taiwan, has recently geared up its presence with the initiation of a local specialty rental operation to better support the windfarm construction projects with temporary air and power rental solutions. It is very positive that Taiwan has a strong focus on sustainability and care for the environment, which means good opportunities for companies like Atlas Copco and other sustainable Swedish companies. Wim Stulens, Regional Manager Atlas Copco Rental North-East Asia

Swedish financing solution for international buyers

As a long-term partner with extensive experience in international financing and offering long credit periods, SEK finances Swedish exporters and buyers of Swedish products and services. SEK compliments the client companies’ existing borrowing sources and serves as an alternative for Swedish exporters who require access to multiple alternative sources of financing. For international buyers who collaborate with Swedish companies, SEK can help with financing 100 percent of the total lend. All proceeds from loans provided to international buyers are used to buy Swedish goods and services. 

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