Africa's changing consumer market is open for business

Africa is at the beginning of unprecedented economic growth and increasing numbers of upper-middle class consumers are seeking access to international retail brands and products. Preparing an entry strategy will give brands a head start for rapid growth and access to a loyal customer base. 

Across Africa, a large-scale retail revolution is being driven by increased consumer buying power and shifting behaviours. Swedish retail brands can partner with international chains to meet the growing demand. Access to technology, mobile payments and an awareness and desire for global brands is creating a unique retail opportunity for Swedish products.

The current global healthcare crisis has, and will have, an impact on short-term production and supply chains across the retail sector. While the mid- to long-term impact is relatively unknown, the global trends and shift in focus for Africa retail sector which we examine in our report will continue to apply. Business Sweden’s local expertise and presence on-the-ground will continue to provide invaluable support for Swedish companies in their goals to expand into new markets and continue to be part of delivering solutions for global economic recovery.

Million new affluent households by 2030
Major growth countries in four trade blocs
Million individuals will be high income earners by 2030

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Be at the forefront of defining the retail sector

The vastness of Africa’s geography and population and a fledgling retail sector present a unique opportunity for Swedish retail brands to enter the market and establish a strong position with a growing consumer population. The shifting demographics and long-term investment being seen across the continent are key drivers for change.

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Untapped retail and distribution potential

The 12 focus countries are within four existing larger trade blocs and offer established distribution channels for Swedish retail brands and reliable options for market entry. Partnering with international partners to reach captive consumers via trusted channels. 

Africa map

Tech-savvy consumers

Technology is a primary driver for change, providing previously unbanked pockets of society with access to payment and savings methods. Smart phone penetration and innovative, localised FinTech solutions are transforming both informal retail networks into viable formal online and offline channels.


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Andreas Giallourakis

Market Area Director Africa,
Trade Commissioner Kenya

Anthonia Adenaya Huard

Head of West Africa

Zakaria Benabdeljalil Sjöberg

Country Manager Morocco

Rupa Thakrar Bagoon

Senior Project Manager Johannesburg