Sweden: a hot spot for IT solutions

Global IT solutions are defining the way we live, and nowhere more so than in the Nordics. Sweden is a hot-bed for IT software, solutions and hardware companies to rapidly advance new technologies, grow sales and set new global standards. Position yourself in Sweden, the heart of the Nordics and grow your regional sales and footprint while testing innovative approaches and business solutions that will accelerate your global reach.

six attributes critical for swedish market success

Across all industries and sectors, Sweden’s collaborative ecosystems and open approach to digitalisation has created fertile ground for IT companies, providing access to fundamental complementary resources that enhance transformation capacity.  

Being based in Sweden is delivering Nordic and wider global market growth for many companies. But this is just the starting point for companies to successfully navigate digital transformation. The following six attributes have proven key for IT companies’ success in Sweden and the wider European market. 

Digital Leadership

Robust executive sponsorship and broad, capable digital leadership drives innovative digital transformation. 


Great talent is hard to secure but will boost digital transformation profit and innovation. Identify, attract and assimilate talent to meet your needs.  

Functional Clarity 

Clear, functional articulation of company-wide direction ensures agile and quick execution of operational digital initiatives.  

Governance and Performance 

Implement a governance model to support the desired future mindset, new ways of working and an agile decision-making process.  

Way of Working 

A nimble, innovative ‘start-up’ mindset and methodologies powers innovation but works best with a corporate approach for operational and strategic governance compliance.   

Technology Development  

Separate operational and development IT technology will fast track build and scale development and will not compromise operational IT.   

IT professionals needed in the Nordics before 2024
2019 Nordic IT spend
Of companies see AI as important at executive management level

Behind the stats

Investing or expanding in Sweden and the Nordics has proven potential. But how do companies identify the right geographical, sector and technological hot-spots compatible for their investment? The abundance of stats is one place to start, but what’s behind them and what information do they provide? Radar analyst, Patrik Mernissi Granlind explains how they collate information, what it means and how companies can use the information to gain a market advantage. 

The Nordic IT Market

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What are the current and future trends in the Swedish and Nordic IT market and how are global solutions helping to shape tomorrow’s world? 

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The cultural benefits of having a presence in Sweden proved to be a real revelation to the leading technology company HCL.

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