Enter the age of open innovation

Sweden is home to more than 100 test beds and demonstration facilities that bring together start-ups, large industrial companies and academia in the spirit of open science.

These world class experimental platforms allow you to validate emerging technologies in electromobility, industrial robotics, plastics recycling, biotech and more.

Fast-track your innovation journey! Join a Swedish test bed and expand capabilities with cutting edge expertise at your fingertips.


Three keys to innovation success

30% average revenue growth of Swedish
*funded in 2013-15

Find your ideal R&D partners. Identify common areas of interest and reach out to establish contact.

Divide the testbed project into suitable stages. Which issues do you need to solve? Which milestones do you want to reach? How can the results be applied in practice?

Agree on IP copyright and patenting rights. Evaluate the research findings and determine the need for future improvements.

50% of Nordic startup exit value
comes from Sweden

80% of Nordic IoT companies are
based in Sweden

Sweden – the EU’s most innovative country*

100+ test and demonstration facilities

3rd largest institute sector in Europe

3000+ institute researchers and engineers

Open and collaborative ecosystem


Want to know more about test bed opportunities? Our Insight Report highlights recent initiatives in 3D printing, materials recycling and life science.

*European Innovation Scoreboard 2017, EU Commission

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Sweden is the perfect place for ambitious companies aspiring to lead the transition to industry 4.0.

Tap into Sweden's innovation strengths and explore recent R&D investments.

The word “eco-premium” is gaining traction at AkzoNobel as the company turns to Sweden for a EUR 34 million investment plan. “The R&D landscape in Sweden is unmatched for ease of collaboration

Sandviken one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools and materials technology is bolstering its ambitions in additive manufacturing. Here’s a look behind the scenes.

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