Semiconductors by Sweden Alliance

Connecting industry to power future technologies


Semiconductor’s role in sustainable technology and industrial growth is recognized as pivotal. Bringing together key industry stakeholders is a strategic step in delivering on demand.


The semiconductor industry is a critical part of the global value chain, providing the basis for ICT, computing, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing.

The Semiconductors by Sweden Alliance is a collaboration bringing together companies from both the Swedish and international semiconductor ecosystems with the purpose of identifying synergies and mutual opportunities in Sweden and abroad. While the scope of the Alliance is global, the Alliance has started working together with stakeholders in South Korea and Taiwan, while in parallel exploring opportunities in the Europe, the U.S. and other markets.

Strategic long-term partnerships
Swedish and other semiconductor companies can leverage the collective power of the Alliance to explore potential business and investment opportunities both in Sweden and in selected markets. 

The collaborative approach aims to set the foundation upon which long lasting relationships can be built to facilitate and accelerate development, growth, and investment in this vital industry.

Complementing competencies 
Business Sweden is working together with Smarter Electronic Systems, one of the Swedish Innovation Agency’s strategic innovation programs with the purpose of increasing competitiveness and growth in Swedish industry.  

Smarter Electronic Systems bring in expertise to the Alliance and together we are on a mission to better understand the needs of the Swedish semiconductor ecosystem and leverage opportunities.

Swedish Semiconductor Delegation to SEDEX 2022 in South Korea

Join us to strategically position Sweden and Swedish solutions and technology to key stakeholders in South Korea. With sustainable and innovative solutions being considered for new projects, Swedish companies that can demonstrate proven success can quickly establish or expand their market position.


The Alliance member companies are diverse in terms of product focus and specialization and many are at the forefront of technological development within their respective expert areas such as GaN, IC Design and Fabrication.

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Leap accelerator programme

Leap Accelerator provides tech start-ups with a focused approach to targeting the most promising markets. The programme is free of charge for qualifying companies. After completion you will be ready to go global with your tailored go-to-market plan.

catalyst programme

Catalyst is a scale-up programme for Sweden’s most innovative and promising companies. Candidates that make it through our selection process gain a powerful steppingstone towards international growth – including tailored commercialisation support, advice and coaching in a chosen market. Are you ready to go global?


The Alliance member companies are diverse in terms of product focus and specialization and many are at the forefront of technological development within their respective expert areas such as GaN, IC Design and Fabrication.


SweGaN is a producer of GaN-on-SiC epiwafers, founded by a team of researchers at Linköping University with expertise in both GaN and SiC technology. SweGaN supplies high quality Gallium Nitride to the industry’s leading foundries, and custom-made materials to manufacturers of leading components and devices for satellite communication.

ComHeat Microwave AB

ComHeat Microwave AB is a design company that develops new silicon-based power devices using foundry services. ComHeat are currently working on a new patented Si based LDMOS Power device concept with much better performance than MOS power devices on the market. In the voltage range 200-1000V the new device perform as well as new GaN and SiC devices.


Xenergic is a system-on-chip memory IP provider with a wide range of memory performance offerings, from 50MHz up to over 4GHz. Xenergic’s novel single rail memory architecture offers optimized power consumption and performance with a competitive area in nominal or scaled supply voltage for any given application, with potential power savings in the range of 70-90%.

MyVox Ultrasonics

MyVox Ultrasonics develops the future of sound through advanced MEMS technology. MyVox is a Sweden-based deep tech startup founded by industry veterans.


BeammWave offers a distributed mmWave radio architecture based on digital beamforming, allowing 5G mmWave devices to be built with higher performance, without compromising cost or power.


NordAmps is delivering the next generation of transistors. The nanowire transistors are fabricated by combining well-established technologies and materials with a minimalistic design in a new and innovative way.


AlixLabs from Lund has developed a new, innovative method for manufacturing semiconductor components with a high degree of packing, which eliminates several steps in the manufacturing process - Atomic Layer Etch Pitchsplitting (APS)*. The method makes the components cheaper and less resource-intensive to manufacture and can open up a new path for a more sustainable mass production of electronics.

Smoltek Semi

Smoltek Semi is pioneering carbon nanotechnology in order to solve advanced material engineering problems. The company has a wide IP, know-how and R&D based on tailored carbon nanostructures, mainly within the semiconductor industry where current focus is to deliver extremely thin high-performance capacitors technology

Packet Architects

Packet Architects offers a series of high-speed switching/routing IP cores, developed using their FlexSwitch tool-chain. Packet Architects AB was founded by a team with extensive experience in designing ASICs for communication systems.


Epiluvac is a Swedish company founded 2013 by a team of engineers with decades of R&D experience from the SiC and GaN MO-CVD epitaxy tools field. Epiluvac provides standard as well as customized reactor solutions including unique cluster systems and a wide range of service and maintenance packages.


ShortLink is a design house, with more than 25 years in business, focusing on development of energy efficient electronics for portable and wireless products. With core competence in mixed signal and RF-IC design we offer our customers turnkey ASIC design services and Silicon IPs.


Excillum is the global source for X-ray innovation, it develops, manufactures, and services the world’s brightest and most advanced industrial and laboratory X-ray sources. In close collaboration with best-in-class scientific, industrial and system integration partners, Excillum enables new science, improves medicine, and enhances manufacturing. Headquartered in Stockholm, Excillum is pushing the limits of X-ray source technologies since 2007.

ZeroPoint Technology

ZeroPoint is a Technology Development and Licensing Company. Our innovative and unique technology delivers up to 50% more performance per watt for Server, Smartphone and Embedded System on Chip (SoC) customers.

Mat4Green Tech

Mat4Green Tech supplies indium based powders and sputtering targets such as ITO, IGZO, IZO. Mat4green Tech’s powder products are carefully tailored by the innovative technology for simpler and cost efficient sintering. We offer in-house recycling of ITO material from spent ITO targets and leftover powders. With zero CO2 emission from our powder production, Mat4Green Tech's goal is to be a reliable partner for companies looking for a transition to sustainable production.


Hexagem produces high quality GaN on Silicon wafers enabling vertical device architectures for the power electronics market. Their technology enables high quality GaN at the cost of Si-based materials.

Polar Light Technologies

Polar Light Technologies is an optoelectronics developer, researching more efficient, less energy-consuming and better-functioning technology, to create and improve state-of-the-art solutions within a great variety of light-demanding application areas.


ScandiNova is by its break-through technology a world leader in development and production of Pulsed Power Systems with high power levels. The product range covers pulse modulators and RF units for applications such as radiotherapy, scientific research, cargo scanning, radar and other industrial applications.


SGA designs and manufactures mixed-signal, full-custom ASIC's for primarily industrial applications world-wide. With core competence in analog and mixed-signal design and production, SGA has since 1986 helped customers stay ahead of their competition.

NSS Water Enhancement Technology

NSS Water Enhancement Technology provides the world’s first nanopure water for the semiconductor industry. A water free from all nano pollutants, enabling the industry to manufacture next generation semiconductors.


Obducat’s business concept is to develop and supply nanolithography processing solutions for production and replication of advanced micro- and nanostructures for mass-production as well as for R&D purposes.


TeraSi offers highly miniaturised front-ends and system-in-package solutions for 5 and 6G applications on Earth and in space. TeraSi's technology maximises component SWaP-C by reducing component volume and weight without sacrificing performance.