Sustainability, diversification and localisation, geo-politics, and digitalisation are rapidly changing the global mining ecosystem. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated change across mining in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Swedish companies must adapt and adopt new approaches to succeed.

Business Sweden’s presence in key mining markets and large local networks provide connections to government stakeholders, public entities, and businesses. Our on the ground support has been pivotal in securing long-term partnerships for Swedish companies within the mining ecosystem, and provides unparalleled access to local contracts and high-level executive reach.

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Vast opportunities spurred by mining investments since 2015

USD 1.3B Middle East
USD 2.4B Central & Eastern Europe
USD 3.5B Russia & Central Asia
USD 16.9B Western Africa
USD 1.7B Southern Africa

What are the key factors driving change?

The mining industry is being forced to change and adapt to sustainability requirements, protectionist policies, geo-politics, and rapid digitalisation. Our report, New Direction for Global Mining, explores the current trends and market drivers forcing change within the mining industry. Download the report now to find out how to secure market gains in a turbulent economic and political landscape. 

How to adapt to a new mining future

What forces are changing the global mining ecosystem and what do Swedish companies need to do to adapt to the changes? Join our expert panel as they share findings from our recent report ‘New Direction for Global Mining’, and dig into the challenges and opportunities, and investment trends in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa’s mining sectors.

The webinar will cover:

  • Trends impacting global mining and securing growth in turbulent times
  • Challenges, best practice and the future of mining
  • Tactics and approaches for success and local engagement

Speakers include: 

  • Mr. Stevan Topalovic, Vice President Business Development - Underground Rock Excavation Division, Epiroc
  • Mr. Sergey Opanasenko, Executive Director - Operational Excellence & Innovation, Eurasian Resources Group
  • Mr. Edin Erkocevic, Metals and Mining Co-lead EMEA & Trade Commissioner to Turkey, Business Sweden
  • Mr. Manik Karn, Program Manager - Smart Industry and New Materials, Business Sweden

Date and time 

  • October 15th at 10:00 - 11:15 AM CEST

Grow your global business in sustainable, collaborative mining

Business Sweden connects the global mining ecosystem with Swedish companies and solutions for a sustainable future.
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Edin Erkocevic

Edin Erkocevic
Metals and Mining Co-Lead EMEA, Trade Commissioner to Turkey
+90 537 360 18 32

Nikki Brandt

Nikki Brandt
Metals and Mining Lead EMEA, Trade Commissioner to the Czech Republic
+420 725 844 824

Manik Karn

Manik Karn
Program Manager, Smart Industry and New Materials
+46 72 21 77 412


The future of mining is here, with Swedish companies and solutions leading global collaborations that will provide the raw material for tomorrow’s green solutions – all while also delivering strong opportunities. Global alliances are transforming the industry by testing new ways of working, new collaboration models and setting new operational standards.

Business Sweden has the expertise and has worked with a range of mining, transport, technology, health and safety, and solutions companies within the mining ecosystem connecting them to major players in markets across the globe.

Codelco utilised Business Sweden’s expertise and connections to the Swedish mining industry to contribute to their technology and sustainability roadmap. Find out more in our interview with Christian Dummer, Deputy Director to the Executive Director of Codelco.



More than 50% of all technology in the world's underground mines comes from Swedish companies. Listen in Swedish or read in English the insights from our mining team. Listen in Swedish or read in English the insights about this topic from our mining team.

Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden.

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