District Energy:

Sustainable district energy solutions are at the heart of future smart city developments, providing connected and efficient heating and cooling solutions for urbanised populations. Governments and private companies from Europe and the Middle East are striving to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of energy use to heat and cool residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Opportunities exist for Swedish companies to export their expertise and products, and work collaborative with local suppliers to implement innovative, connected solutions. Business Sweden can connect your company with local stakeholders to help you grow market share and establish a strong presence in new global markets.

Covid-19 statement: The current global healthcare crisis has, and will continue to have, an impact on short-term production and supply chains across the district energy sector. While the mid- to long-term impact is relatively unknown, the global trends and shift in focus for the district energy sectors in both the Middle East and Europe, which we examine in our report and blog, will continue to apply. Business Sweden’s local expertise and presence on-the-ground will continue to provide invaluable support for Swedish companies in their goals to expand into new markets and continue to be part of delivering solutions for global economic recovery.

Report: How the Middle East plans on keeping cool

Economic growth, urban populations and searing heat combine in the Middle East, creating a huge demand for proven district cooling solutions. Our report, The heat is on! provides insights into market potential and a country by country breakdown of the major district cooling stakeholders, investments and market agenda.

Blogpost: What’s hot in Europe’s district heating

Changes in legislation and a collective drive to reduce energy emissions are forces behind Europe’s district heating market growth. The future is being defined by technological developments and attempts to implement rapid change to meet new regulations. Business Sweden’s European energy expert, Eric Blomquist, explores the issues facing the industry today and what opportunities are ahead for Swedish companies.

Collaborate and grow in the Middle East's district cooling sector

Our webinar, Middle East district cooling opportunities on the rise will give you detailed insights into the Gulf region’s current and planned investments and growth opportunities. Implementing smart, sustainable district cooling solutions is high on the agenda in the six biggest markets in the Gulf region and there is a willingness to partner with Swedish companies who have proven expertise and knowledge.

Date: 3 June
Time: 10.00 - 10.45 AM (CEST)
Webinar speakers: 
Niclas Carlsson, Trade & Invest Commissioner, Riyadh
Simon Wessberg, Consultant, Dubai
André Hedberg, Consultant, Dubai


Our teams in the Middle East and Europe have local knowledge, market expertise and established industry networks to help you expand your sales and market share. Contact us to be part of the global push to provide connected and sustainable district energy.

Simon Wessberg

Simon Wessberg
Consultant, Dubai

Eric Blomquist

Eric Blomquist
Project Manager, Spain

Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden.

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