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Companies big and small rely on data. But where and how companies store their data is critical to the environment, business efficiency and security.

Increasingly, consumers and corporates are questioning the impact their data consumption is having on the planet and data sustainability is on course to becoming a defining business criteria. Sweden is an established and proven safe, green and digitally viable location for large-scale datacenters and colocation hubs.

Three Key reasons to expand in Sweden

Fossil-free energy production in Sweden.
Share of regional HQs of forbes global 2000.
30 +
Datacenters supplying residental waste heat.
Sharp growth for the Nordic datacenter market

A study commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers has projected sharp growth for the Nordic datacenter market until 2025 - with expected annual construction investments in the region of EUR 2 - 4.3 billion.

Stockholm: green, connected and accessible

Our hyper-connected world means loved ones, banks, shops, music, and films are just a click away. But being plugged in relies on a dependable data service, something you don't think about until your favourite Netflix show unexpectedly buffers.

Colocation: climate conscious data storage

Stockholm Data Park Kista will become home to three leading data centre operators, all using large-scale heat reuse. Once operational, the datacenters have the potential to heat more than 35,000 modern residential apartments in Stockholm.

Sweden's datacenter sustainability credentials explored

Every day, millions of digital actions taken by businesses, industry, consumers, and individuals are made, often without a thought for the data driving it and the impact of powering essential digitalisation. But what about sustainability?

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What value do datacenters bring? Video in Swedish

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