The North American Outdoor and Sport Market 

The North American market, specifically Canada and the US, has seen a huge uptake in the outdoor retail segment and is the fastest growing market globally. This presents a prime opportunity for Swedish brands to reach a lucrative customer base. The Swedish brand is well-respected and hosts high-quality brands including yourself. However, the market can be a complex and unforgiving landscape to navigate due to the fierce competition and varied geographies given the vastness of regions covered.

This past autumn, the Business Sweden North American team has been deep diving into the market with the goal to help Swedish brands understand how to best enter and expand. To achieve this, the team has been drawing upon our internal knowledge, conducting deep research, and speaking to industry experts to provide valuable advice.

Attached you will find our report on the sports and outdoors market with inspiration from other brands, expert interviews, and an overview of the market, we hope it will serve as inspiration and be a good start for conversations around your own thoughts around the NA market. 

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Webinar Series and Events

Throughout the spring, Business Sweden, will be hosting a webinar series to highlight best practices from experts and Swedish brands who will share their journey in NA. The series will deep dive into topics like finding the right partner and building a brand that stands out. Please join us for the first webinar on Tuesday,  February 14th with guest speakers from Haglöfs, Hilleberg the Tentmaker and Scandinavian Outdoor Group. You can find more information and sign up here. Keep an eye out for future events we will be planning to support Swedish outdoor brands NA expansion.

 Business Sweden

At Business Sweden, we are able to support Swedish brands successfully enter and expand throughout North America due in part to our unique mandate from both the Swedish government and industry. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions to help us support your journey in North America.