Take on the APAC challenge

APAC's limitless potential as a growth market is powered by a booming population and the world's largest megacities. Our report, The APAC Imperative, takes you beyond the big numbers, with analysis and recommendations to help you succeed in the world's largest business market.

Turn your APAC strategy into sales growth

The global economic balance of power has been slowly shifting over the past few decades, with the APAC region emerging as a world leader with rapid economic growth; coupled with the sheer size and renewed stability of the region means the business opportunities are too important to ignore.

The rise of APAC has been anticipated, but the pace of change and transformation of the business landscape has exceeded predictions. Continued changes to the region’s demographics, technology development, focus on climate concerns, and shifting geopolitics means Swedish companies need to adapt and refine their strategy and offer to stay competitive and grow in emerging markets.


Download our report today to understand what it takes to achieve success in APAC


Getting it right in APAC can deliver big rewards, download our report now to get insights into how to establish in the region.


Article: The APAC digital imperative

Navigating the APAC landscape requires a nuanced understanding of the approaches needed to enter, expand, and build customer engagement. And each market has it's on unique conditions that need to be considered in an APAC strategy. That's why Business Sweden's teams in Asia have taken a deep dive into the economic and digital outlook across the region. Find out what it means for your business:

APAC’S Consumer market hitting speed

Consumer demand for global brands and products that are both socially and ethically sustainable is being driving by continued income growth, high digital connectivity, and a rapidly expanding middle-class. Find out how to leverage sales growth across the region here:

Client case: Polygiene

In less than three years, Swedish Polygiene became a market leader in the Chinese outdoor segment. They quickly secured two major contracts and have more in the pipeline. Read the case here:

Client case: SSAB

SSAB entered the Indian market in 2009. Since then, the Swedish steel company has capitalised on new revenue streams and grown the business tenfold. Read our full client case with SSAB here:

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