US supply chain dynamics responding to protectionist policies

US supply chain dynamics responding to protectionist policies

Protectionist policies, trade interventions and the global health pandemic are forcing local and international companies to restructure their supply chains and business footprints in order to stay competitive in the US market. These trends and policies are set to become the new normal.

Swedish companies in the US need to de-risk and ensure resilience of their manufacturing operations as a necessary path for long-term growth and sustainability, including evaluating avenues such as reshoring, nearshoring and diversifying Asian suppliers.

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The future of global supply chains is being challenged by the global trend towards protectionism. In the US, this shift has been partly driven by the US-China trade war and establishment of new manufacturing hubs in Asia but it is also being accelerated by the impact of the global healthcare pandemic, and increased global economic uncertainty.

Listen in to our expert team from the US for this informative webinar which provide the US context to the global trend and provide strategic guidance on how Swedish companies can diversify to futureproof supply chains and remain competitive in a changing market.

The webinar, How to futureproof and secure US manufacturing supply chains amid growing protectionism covered:

• Insights on the rise and impact of US protectionism policies
• Findings from ongoing research about how Swedish companies in the US are preparing and managing supply chain diversification
• How manufacturing and supply chain trends are affecting global companies with a presence in the US

Note: This webinar took place July 1st. You can still download the webinar.


Webinar hosts

Vivianne Gillman

Business Development Director

Vivianne Gillman leads business development for Business Sweden in the Americas and is an experienced strategy consultant with a primary focus on market expansion, inorganic growth and sustainability. She has held positions as Trade Commissioner/Country Manager in several markets in Southeast Asia. She is currently responsible for Business Sweden’s global corona recovery supply chain programme. Vivianne has also worked in an IT start-up as sustainability director and strategy consultant. She is based in New York.

Dorothea Moeller

Consultant -
Supply Chain Strategy

Dorothea Moeller has been supporting Business Sweden manufacturing and transport sector clients with their supply chain strategies and challenges for over three years. She has previous experience working within packaging and logistics at a Tier 1 automotive supplier. Dorothea studied at Utrecht University and holds a master’s degree in sustainability focusing on sustainable supply chains.

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