Middle East: a region of untapped healthcare potential for Swedish companies

Across the Middle East, but particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE, fractured healthcare systems are being transformed to meet the need of changing populations and the burden of complex non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Swedish healthcare companies and innovations are perfectly placed to enter the market to support infrastructure and structural change to a preventative, multi-disciplinary model. Commitment to international innovations and collaborations presents untapped potential for Swedish companies looking to expand global reach and grow sales.

The current global healthcare crisis has and will have an impact on short-term global production and supply chains. However, the need for the healthcare transformation across the Middle East remains an important priority, and even more so given the new pressures. Business Sweden’s local expertise and presence on-the-ground can provide invaluable support for Swedish companies in their goals to retain market position and continue to be part of delivering solutions for the strategic healthcare transformation goals of the UAEs and Saudi Arabian governments.

A transformational healthcare journey

Download our report, Building a healthy future, for a detailed analysis of the market and growth opportunities in the Middle East’s two largest countries, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Customer voice

Read how Skåne Care is working to help the Saudi Arabian government build a better healthcare system for the future.

“The journey to becoming a preferred supplier has been long but Skåne Care were able to utilise Business Sweden’s expertise and access to help build programmes and aligning agendas on Swedish healthcare collaborations.”

Mikael Rosén
Skåne Care

Changing political and social landscape driving healthcare reform

1. Systemic change

National policy and demographic changes are driving major structural change across the entire healthcare ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Public and private stakeholders are collaborating and co-operating to deliver long-term sustainable change. Opportunities exist in:

• Digitalisation of patient records and data
• MedTech and equipment
• Proven patient-centric solutions

2. Prevention and early detection

Shifting to a preventative healthcare model is one of the key changes aimed at tackling the growing burden of NCDs. Early detection can reduce loss of life and lower associated healthcare costs. Preventative healthcare requires a shift in approach and behaviours and support is required in:

• Primary care strategy and delivery
• Proven early detection pathways
• Knowledge transfer

3. Expanding specialised care

Specialised care to meet the demands of current and projected NCD prevalence means expertise and knowledge transfer as well as investment in technology and resources will increase. Managing secondary and tertiary care will create opportunities in:

• Home, geriatric and palliative care services
• Procurement of innovative state-of-the art equipment
• High-end hospital infrastructure


Business Sweden's presence in the Middle East and expertise in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia can help take your healthcare solutions into the transformational market. Contact us to find out how we can help with market insights and entry to market support.

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