HVAC: Be at the forefront of sustainable change

Environmental change and rapid technology advancement are sweeping aside the HVAC and filter industries’ historical approaches, making way for innovative, sustainable and connected technologies and businesses. Industry players are being forced to rethink and restructure the way they meet both consumer and regulation changes. Swedish companies have the competitive edge to lead the transformation of the HVAC industry in major European markets.

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Dynamic solutions will define the future

The demand for connected homes driven by smart and energy efficient technology and stringent energy efficiency regulations have created unmet challenges within the HVAC and filters industry. Cross-vertical solutions led by Sweden’s expertise in connectivity and sustainability are primed to provide many answers. A complex combination of trends are shaping the market, presenting both challenges and need for change and growth opportunities.

1. Sustainability now essential

New HVAC technology and the systems they control must comply with rigorous regulations. Sweden has been a forerunner in meeting and exceeding targets in this area and Swedish companies could leverage the market with industry relevant knowledge and expertise.

2. Connected and smart future

Automated control and remote access are expected in today’s smart homes, and tomorrow's demands are setting higher standards. Swedish companies' trailblazing approach to connectivity provides a strong position for entering the evolving HVAC and filter market. 

3. Market shake-up

Market consolidation and M&A can resolve fragmentation across the historically family-run industry. Technology can meet existing and emerging demands but will only succeed by optimising a European footprint for competitiveness and proximity to customers.

Europe’s HVAC hot spots

Growth across most European markets is set to rise with the major growth being driven by four critical markets: Italy, Russia, France and Germany.


  • Market worth projected to reach EUR 1.6B by 2022
  • Outdated systems and operations are the catalyst for growth with energy saving incentives set to boost sales


  • By 2023 sales are expected to reach 7.8 million units equating to a market worth of EUR 402M
  • Air coolers have bounced back, and split air condition continues to be a strong performer


  • Market worth set to reach EUR343M by 2022
  • Sustainable energy framework, RT2020, seeks to significantly reduce energy consumption


  • Projected CAGR at a volume of 2.75% for the period 2019-2024
  • Customers are demanding integrated building automation using IoT to improve energy savings


Business Sweden have local knowledge and a presence in all major European markets with dedicated M&A professionals to help you grow sales or identify acquisitions. We have expertise in both organic and inorganic growth expansion routes for Swedish HVAC and HVAC filter companies.

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